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STATEMENT OF OAKKE ON THE MASSACRE IN BERLIN AND THE MURDER OF THE RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR IN ANKARA – Two provocations that serve the strategic plan of Putin’s leadership

  • Κυριακή, 01 Ιανουαρίου 2017


-First edited on December 24, 2016 in the Greek Language, updated on 12/27/2016-

The murder of the Russian ambassador in Ankara and the massacre in Berlin were two world-scale provocations that serve the strategic and tactical planning of Russian social-imperialism.

Their general common objective was to mislead the European peoples and governments so that they view the genocidal bandits and rapists of ISIS, who are completely weak in military terms and politically repulsive, as their main enemy, instead of viewing the Russian superpower’s military aggression, already carried out on European soil for the partition of Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, and in Syria for controlling the Middle East in order to encircle Europe, as the incomparably more serious and vital threat.

Both provocations have operated in the direction that all respective attacks have been operating during the last 15 years: as Russia’s strategic diversion from her central European front of aggression and intimidation. Only Russia could lead such a diversion for none other than she shares the same ideological base with the Islamofascists: the neo-racist ”cultural”-type hatred against western democratism and against every sort of enlightenment, whether of bourgeois-liberal or of proletarian marxist level. This neo-racist hatred is exposed in the so called “4th Political Theory” of Putin’s close collaborator A. Dugin, the “theorist” of the Russian military headquarters. But from also political-military point of view only Russia has the ability to suppress or enhance the islamist threat through her allies. For instance ISIS could not have stabilized its presence in Syria without Assad's tolerance, nor could have invaded Iraq without the treacherous opening of the borders by the army of the pro-Iranian Iraqi shia leadership (https://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/02/world/middleeast/after-retreat-iraqi-soldiers-fault-officers.html?_r=0). Besides, only Russia could so easily take Palmyra from ISIS and so easily give it back to ISIS once she had expelled democratic Syrian resistance from Aleppo).

Particularly, in the current phase, both these provocations strengthen D. Trump’s political position inside the US at a time when he faces the strong refusal of the leadership of the Congress, especially within his own party, to ratify his policy-line of alliance with Putin’s Russia to the detriment of Europe, an alliance that went so far as to allow Russia to intervene on the outcome of the elections in favor of Trump, which intervention the latter has practically favored. The pro-Putin policy of Trump is based on the assertion that the Islamic terrorism is the arch enemy of USA and the mankind. The Islamic religion is deliberately charged with this terror by the political platforms of Trump and of the European pro-Russian and anti-EU fascists (Le Pen, Farage, Wilders, Orban etc.). As a result the so-called defense against this terror may turn into a racist war between the white Christian north and the Muslim south, so that the genocidal racism of the Islamofascists not only will be left intact but also will be strengthened.

As regards specifically the murder of the Russian ambassador, apart from giving the Russian diplomacy leading anti-jihad credits, at a time when Russia was politically reinforcing Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria by burying the Muslim civilian population under the ruins of Aleppo and by crushing the democratic Syrian opposition, this assassinationserved a more concrete, direct but also of immense strategic importance objective, which has already been fulfilled in its initial stage: it allowed Putin to impose on Turkey the official participation of Russian secret services in the process of investigation and identification of the organizer of the murder!

This actually means the open participation of Putin's Russia in the purging process within the Turkish intelligence agencies, the Turkish army and the gendarmerie at the very moment an unprecedented undeclared political war has been raging inside them. On one side of this war it is the typically pro-Russian party of Turkey, the “Patriotic Party” (formerly Worker’s party) led by Dogu Perincek, a Eurasianist and a Dugin’s lackey, which is on the offensive, by carrying out most of the current wide-ranging purges within the Turkish state mechanism, while on the other side, there is the moderate Islamic-nationalist trend within the AKP, Erdogan’s party, a trend which is politically dominant in its base but of numerical weakness within the security mechanisms having more and more of its strongly resisting cadres purged by the Perincek Group, with Erdogan turning a blind eye to this (see, a very important article of Al-Monitor, http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2016/10/turkey-power-struggle-between-islamists-and-secularists.html, and an article of Nea Anatoli http://www.oakke.gr/global/2013-02-16-19-25-28/item/744-).
We need no other facts to show the huge significance Karlov’s murder has to the Kremlin’s planning of a coup-like seizure of power in Turkey following the footsteps of similar movements by which it took power in Sisi’s Egypt and during the late Soviet Union epoch, in Afghanistan (from Daoud to Taraki and then to Karmal).

If Turkey became a Russia’s puppet and if Europe began hunting down the “craftsmen” of cannibalistic jihad around the world as her principal enemies, then she (Europe) would end up to be cut off from the Gulf and the Caspian’s hydrocarbons and, being half-armed and divided, would see her peoples being exterminated on an industrial scale by the neo-Hitler hordes of Putin. In that case she could discover in helpless astonishment that Aleppo, so inhumanely abandoned by her leading class into the clutches of the real genocide-perpetrators, was simply the future image of Berlin, Paris, and London, but in miniature.

The only realistic way for the peoples of Europe to face the cannibalistic jihad and every other perpetrator of fascist violence on the planet is to resist first of all and with the utmost energy to the present day world centre of every kind of fascism and every kind of political and ideological reaction: Putin’s Russia.

Athens 12/24/2016

 * For a more thorough analysis of the facts of this statement you may read the article simultaneously published in our website (in the Greek Language).

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